Jono Kickstart

strong women ownin'

Our women's only fitness program is a great way to "Kickstart" your fitness journey. Classes will be focused on getting you fit, strong, and consistent in the gym - all the while ensuring you have fun and are comfortable in your own skin!

What is kickstart?

With so many options out there we decided to design a program that was both functional and perhaps a little more than what you would normally get anywhere else.

Kickstart is a strength and conditioning program not fundamentally different than our other programs like Olympia, but without question different. We steer away from the intimidating heavy barbells and higher level gymnastics work and focus on the basics of training.

Can I jump in right away?

Unlike our Olympia programming, there is no need for an on-ramp to start attending Kickstart.

Each class is run by a certified coach with your best interest in mind. Coaches are present to run the classes, teach new movements, ensure proper movement standards are upheld and intensity levels are appropriate for whatever level our members are at.



1 Month Kickstart


3 Months Kickstart


6 Months kickstart


Yearly Kickstart


Personal one-on-one


*All prices include tax.

First responders receive 15% discount on memberships.

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Why Choose JONO? 

Why would you choose JONO over any other gym?

When you walk into JONO you will notice we're not like most gyms. There are no mirrors, no headphones, no machines; we have a big open space, a vibe that says 'welcome', and extremely friendly people who want to know your name.

You won't get lost in the shuffle, in fact you'll have our full attention as we train and prepare you to accomplish everything you set out to do!

When you come to JONO ready to work, you can expect two outcomes: a healthier, fitter body and a hell of a lot more strength

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