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Getting Started.

At JONO Athletics we take fitness to a new level whether you are already an athlete or a first-timer to the fitness/gym world. We are devoted to keeping the “cliques” at bay and sharing the pursuit of fitness together. TO GET STARTED, all first-timers must attend our on-ramp sessions. You can learn more about that below... 

If you're already well acquainted with high intensity strength & conditioning training, come on by and join us for a class to check out the vibe!


The Ancient Greeks were some of the original athletes to admired "whole fitness," where every aspect of your body and athleticism was well-rounded and trained. This is at the heart of what we aim to accomplish with our Olympia programming.

JONO Olympia is a high-intensity fitness program, focusing on core strength and conditioning in two distinct senses:

1st: We focus on core strength and conditioning because this form of fitness is foundational to all other athletic needs. Similar to how a university calls their required courses “core curriculum," this is the stuff that everyone needs.

2nd: We focus on “core” strength and conditioning in te literal sense, meaning the center of something. All movements we incorporate build the centre of the body - improving strength, balance, and whole fitness.


What is an onramp?

The ON-Ramp program is three 1.5 hour sessions that introduce you to the basics of Olympia programming. The onramp is designed for two reasons:

1. To make sure potential members understand and can perform the movements involved in Olympia safely.

2. To slowly be introduced to Olympia type workouts.


1 Month Olympia


3 Months Olympia


6 Months Olympia


Yearly Olympia


onRamp Fundamentals – 3 Sessions

Reg $170

Personal one-on-one


*Taxes are not included in these rates.

Why Choose JONO? 

Why would you choose JONO over any other gym?

When you walk into JONO you will notice we're not like most gyms. There are no mirrors, no headphones, no machines; we have a big open space, a vibe that says 'welcome', and extremely friendly people who want to know your name.

You won't get lost in the shuffle, in fact you'll have our full attention as we train and prepare you to accomplish everything you set out to do!

When you come to JONO ready to work, you can expect two outcomes: a healthier, fitter body and a hell of a lot more strength.

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