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Personal Training

1-1 training that Delivers

We want to help!

Perhaps you’ve said this to yourself a few times:

“I want to lose a few pounds in a healthy, sustainable way”“I wish I was faster in my workouts” “I just want to feel good”“I want to run a 5K” “I want to do a pullup”“Really wish I could dial in my Olympic lifting technique on a faster timeline” “I just can’t get my head in the right space, I need help”

We want to help. We know how to help. Let us help!!

Why choose personal training?

Seeing you reach your goals on the fastest timeline is what our PT program is all about. Group classes are amazing and they work but sometimes we want to get to where we are going... faster!

Hiring a coach for Personal Training is the way to make that happen. 

Our coaches will create a custom program to help you reach your goals based on your strengths and weaknesses, addressing the most pressing point and working from there. 

What types of personal training do we offer?

We offer a variety of Personal Training options:

  • 1 on 1 Coaching (we can create any program relating to the specific goal you have)
  • Team training (any sport)
  • Small Group training (must have similar goals)
  • Mindset / Lifestyle Coaching 


1 Month Training

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3 Months Training

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6 Months Training

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Yearly Training

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*Taxes are not included in these rates.

Why Choose JONO? 

Why would you choose JONO over any other gym?

When you walk into JONO you will notice we're not like most gyms. There are no mirrors, no headphones, no machines; we have a big open space, a vibe that says 'welcome', and extremely friendly people who want to know your name.

You won't get lost in the shuffle, in fact you'll have our full attention as we train and prepare you to accomplish everything you set out to do!

When you come to JONO ready to work, you can expect two outcomes: a healthier, fitter body and a hell of a lot more strength.

WHat's next? 

If you are new here, set up a No Sweat Intro below!

Or if you are already a JONO athlete, book an Athlete Check In with Head Coach Josh to take the first step to reaching your goal!