Debbie Eagles // Kickstart Athlete Profile

I first heard about JONO through a friend, Nancy Whitney-Lathem,  who invited me to attend a class with her.  I then investigated JONO on the internet and connected with Josh.  Nancy seemed to really be enjoying JONO and Josh made me feel comfortable about coming in.
Before joining JONO my fitness level was NIL. Since joining JONO I to get out and do more activity. I want to bike, swim and skate. I am feeling stronger, more fit and have lots of energy. Oh, and a plus, I have lost approximately 25 lbs!  
Thoughts on my ‘on ramp’ experience  -  I think ‘on ramp’ is necessary to make sure technique is being taught before lifting weights. This is the best prevention for injuries. It also helps the coach and you to know your level of fitness and what can be expected of you. I decided to join because I now felt this was possible for me to do and I could see others felt the same way.  I was excited to get started.
Some of my most rewarding accomplishments – well the most fun and rewarding experience I have had at JONO was doing the Crossfit Open five months into my membership. I really saw the community spirit of JONO. My coach, Sonia, was definitely my motivation and inspiration. She pulled me through that event (literally!!). The JONO community clapped and cheered me on. It was such a great feeling!
I still have a lot of work to do but I am feeling very good about what improvements I have made. Just to name a few....the plank, burpee, push-ups, V-ups, wall balls, squats. They are not perfect yet but I am working on them and making progress. My lunges need a lot of work but I know I will get there. Also, I am finally using the 15 and 20 lb dumb bells. My coach right now is Laura and she motivates me and is so encouraging and helpful. I have to say that all of the coaches I have had at JONO are really excellent. You can tell they love what they do and they are really good at it. I really want to focus even more on my technique. I want to do quality movements.
I have noticed a lot of changes about myself, one being that I have more confidence! I am looking to the future thinking it will be nice to be fit in my senior years. I have more energy. I feel my flexibility and range-of-motion are improving. I love that I have JONO Athletics in my life right now to help me through this pandemic time. It is the one thing right now that I look forward to.
JONO is about feeling good in your body, enjoying being fit and being able to enjoy quality of life. JONO really makes you aware of what you are capable of achieving and gives you reason to be proud of yourself and proud of others for their achievements.
I wish JONO had been around 50 years ago and I knew then what I know now. I definitely would not have waited til I got into shape first. I joined at 69 years old. I was definitely out of shape and am so grateful that I did not wait any longer! We all started somewhere and you are not alone for sure. JONO welcomes all ages and all fitness levels. The sooner you do this, the sooner you will be seeing results and feeling fit.