Jill Macmullen // Kickstart Athlete Profile

I heard about Jono and knew that they offered an opportunity to check out a class. I tried a class along with my daughter in the summer led by Sonia and I thought - I love the format of the class (warm up/strength/WOD), the whole gym vibe, and running outdoors…I want to do this! When I checked the schedule, the times didn’t work great for me, I was looking for 6:00am class. I followed JONO on IG and became aware they did start up a 6:00am class and the rest is history 😊
I have noticed things improving since joining JONO, I am no longer sore from the repetition of similar exercises like I use to be, I am definitely stronger, I have more cardio endurance, AND I have renewed enthusiasm!! 😃
Up until this point, JONO has provided me with some very rewarding accomplishments! It’s great to master a challenge and go from beginner to advanced. It’s all about doing the best that you can that day….(although I am always up for a little competition).
Some of my current goals leading into the future are summer runs outside, continuing to build strength and endurance, even as I get older and maybe I see CrossFit in my future! 😉
Jono is a community of like minded people who want to be the best athletes that they can be. It’s a friendly, supportive, and fun environment. I love the format of the workouts - the coaches offer several ways that each exercise can be done from basic, to intermediate, to advanced!
• What would you say to someone that says “they need to get in shape first” before joining?
Just start. The coaches are friendly, supportive, and knowledgeable. They meet you at your fitness level and you build from there. The desire to want to be the best that you can is contagious!