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JONO is now offering two regularly-scheduled yoga classes each week for all our members on Thursdays and Sundays!

We're so excited to have acclaimed yoga instructor (and JONO Athlete) Laura Bowdridge walking us through incredible stretches, breathing techniques, and so much more as we align our bodies for healthy training!

Enjoy access to these classes each week with any JONO membership!

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What Can You Expect?

Yoga is an incredible form of active recovery for the body and mind. It truly can be a game-changer at making you a better athlete!

You can expect an incredible stretch, increased mobility, and a freshly centred approach to your wellness each time you a attend a JONO Yoga class.

Our instructor, Laura Bowdridge draws from years of experience as a certified Yogi and an avid JONO Athlete.

Trust us - these classes will become a "don't miss" in your weekly routine!


Yoga Classes are included in All JONO Memberships


3 classes A Week - Limited Kickstart

Don't need unlimited access? No worries, you can take advantage of our 3 classes a week membership - giving you access to 3 classes total a week (including Kickstart or Yoga classes). Upgrade to unlimited at any time!

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3 Months Limited Kickstart


6 Months Limited Kickstart


Yearly Limited Kickstart


Non-Member Drop ins


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Why Choose JONO? 

Why would you choose JONO over any other gym?

When you walk into JONO you will notice we're not like most gyms. There are no mirrors, no headphones, no complicated machines; we have a big open space, a vibe that says 'welcome', and extremely friendly people who want to know your name.

You won't get lost in the shuffle, in fact you'll have our full attention as we train and prepare you to accomplish everything you set out to do!

When you come to JONO ready to work, you can expect two outcomes: a healthier, fitter body and a hell of a lot more strength.

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